Mary Magdalene

The more I learn about Mary of Magdala, the more I'm inspired by her strength and courage. When the other disciples fled in fear, it was Mary Magdalene, along with His Mother Mary and the beloved disciple John, who stayed with Jesus to the end. And it was Mary Magdalene who was the one who Jesus appeared to first after His resurrection that first Easter morning.

Mary Magdalene was a wealthy woman of stature in her community.

There's an ancient legend in the Orthodox Church --- After Christ’s Ascension Mary Magdalene traveled to Rome. Due to her high social standing she was admitted to appear before the Roman Emperor, Tiberius Caesar to tell him of how poorly Pilate had administered the trial of Jesus.

To make her point, she picked up an egg from the banquet table, explaining that Jesus came out of the tomb like a chicken breaking out of its shell. Caesar scoffed and said, “...a human could no more rise from the dead than that egg could turn red.” As he was saying this, the egg turned red.

It's believed that this story inspired the tradition of coloring Easter eggs.


Saint Mary Magdalene
24 X 30
acrylic on canvas



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