Saint John of Damascus

"If a pagan asks you to show him your faith, take him into church and place him before the icons."

---St. JOHN of DAMASCUS 675 - 749
Advocate of Holy Images

Feast Day: December 4th
Venerated in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican Churches

St. John is known for his fight against an edict by the Byzantine Emperor Leo III, banning the veneration of holy images/icons.

He is a Doctor of the Church. The patron saint of pharmacists, icon painters and theology students.

John also wrote many favorite hymns such as Come Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain. And The Day of Resurrection.

Explanation of holy images on You Tube.

History about St. John of Damascus

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I've painted Saint John in a traditional eastern monk habit as he is depicted in what appears to be a very old image of him sitting at the desk.

Saint John of Damascus
Defender of Holy Images and Icons

24 X 36
acrylic on canvas






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