our lady of fatima

Our Lady of Fatima
Statue Restoration


THE STORY: This dearly loved statue of Our Lady of Fatima was originally created in Portugal, 50+ years ago. Each year, the congregation carries the statue in parade through the streets of Half Moon Bay on or near her feast day in October. After years of love and touching, she needed a make-over, I was asked to restore her, using my best judgment on how to proceed. During my initial meeting with those who were requesting the restoration, it was apparent that they wanted the statue to remain as close to original as possible. With that in mind, I began to clean the statue and soon realized that its beauty was there just below the dirt that had collected over the years. I could see that someone at some point had made some changes, such as a manicure and pedicure --- and someone had painted over the gold trim at the neckline. Some of the gold trim on the garment had been worn away from years of being touched. To bring back the original design, I painted out the changes, confident that the Blessed Mother didn't have hot pink nails. I also added new gold trim lines on the garment and repaired the water damage on the base.

REFLECTION: In working on this piece, I was reminded that each statue has a story and a different need. Many of the pieces I've "restored" have been repainted a number times before they came to me, with paint that for the most part needed to be removed, priming and painting was necessary. In this case a true restoration was possible --- maintaining the original art. I'm most grateful for the opportunity.



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