30 inch Crucifix Restoration
Scroll down, below the pictures is a detailed account of the restoration.


crucifix restoration

This old crucifix had been hanging in a church office for many years. There were several chips, a taped up broken arm and the cross was coming apart. The hanger on the back was not actually a hanger at all --- it was an old hinge of some sort, held on by a small rusted tack.

First, I stabilized the cross by adding a 1" X 2" clear redwood support. It holds the old cross together nicely and also lifts the piece off the wall by a half inch when hung. I added new hangers with coated wire, repaired the chips, removed the tape from the arm and all the lose pieces so I could then sculpt a new section of the arm.

I decided to simply leave the vintage finish, sanded off the old INRI that someone had poorly added at some point. Then added the three abbreviated inscriptions above Christ's head in Aramaic, Greek and Latin. Sealed the entire piece with UV acrylic varnish. It's a lovely piece and is ready for another 50 years or more. Can you tell I love my work?



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