The Blessed Mother May with the Christ Child

Blessed Mother with the Christ Child
Daprato Statue


This statue has been standing in the old church since it was built in the mid 50s and in the old church before that. Because Daprato didn't put a date on it, it's impossible to know exactly how old the statue is, but it is most likely nearly 100 years old. Consequently, as shown in the before pictures, it's surface condition was very rough with paint coming off or about to come off. There had been a few attempts to patch and paint in several places over the years. The jewels in the crown had been painted over with gold. Someone had gotten cute with the shoes at some point, but it is always my goal to uncovered the original colors and restore them. As always, there were hours of sanding and filling --- priming and painting, but now the statue is once again beautiful and back in its place in the front of the church, facing the congregation.

I feel blessed to have come to this place at this time in history to be the one honored with the task of restoring this lovely piece. The Daprato artisans of the late 19th Century were truly the best.



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