Blessed Mary with the Christ Child

Blessed Mother with the Christ Child
Daprato Statue


This very old Daprato statue is located in St. Anthony's Church, Pescadero, CA. As shown in the before image (left), the statue had been painted many times over the years with various colors and coats, including house paint. The eyes of the Blessed Mother were expressionless, solid dark brown dots. I am honored that I had the opportunity to bring the old statue back to the regal beauty this icon deserves.

NOTE: In the old church on an adjacent wall, not far from where the statue stands, there is a very old print, shown below, of the Blessed Mother in the similar colors with the Christ Child --- Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The red tunic is the color worn by virgins at the time of Christ and the dark blue mantle worn by mothers in Palestine.

our lady of perpetual help


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