the last supper


The Last Supper
Triptych - each panel is 18 X 24 (Total length is six feet)
acrylic of birch panels




Many things happened that Thursday night --- the night of the Last Supper. The friends that had gathered with Jesus for supper earlier that evening were unaware of the importance of that night --- they didn't realize what was being put into motion. The evening began with Jesus washing His disciples' feet. Then He fed them bread and gave them wine. He was setting an example of love and service --- and He promised them peace. After supper Jesus went to the garden to pray and the few who went with Him couldn't even stay awake to be with Him --- they had no idea of what was about to happen, but it was in the garden He was betrayed by one of HIs own, arrested, and taken away to be crucified. His friends ran away and hid. It was only John and Mary Magdalene who stayed with Jesus to the end.


THE PANEL ON THE LEFT from the left: Simon the Zealot; Jude called Thaddeus so not to be confused with Judas Iscariot; Bartholomew; Andrew, Simon Peter's brother; and Philip shown fifth from the left as he is always listed fifth in the list of disciples.

THE CENTER PANEL from the left: Simon-Peter the "Rock on which Christ would build HIs Church"; Jesus; and young John, the brother of James, the son of Zebedee, looking at Jesus with such love.

THE FIVE ON THE RIGHT from the left: James, brother of John, son of Zebedee (depicted gestering as if to be saying, "No, Jesus, it isn't me who will betray you); James the son of Alphaeus; Thomas who doubted when the others told him in the upper room about the resurrection, forever remembered as the original " Doubting Thomas"; Matthew the tax collector; and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus later that night, shown exiting with his money bag in-hand.



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