Seven Gifts of the Holy SpiritSeven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

36 X 55 acrylic on wood panel with a radiused top






The Seven Gifts: Wisdom, Understanding, Cousel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. NOTE: Saint Peter is holding a Keys to Heaven.

MY INSPIRATION: In 2012, I attended a Lenten retreat where our dearly loved pastor asked us, what he thought was a simple question. "So who can name the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit?"

With all those cradle-Catholics there that day, not one of them could name a gift. It was in that moment I knew there was a painting that needed to be painted.

Painted on plywood that is mounted onto a wooden frame. The piece measures 36" X 55" which includes the radius on the top and it is 2" thick.



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