Santa Isabel de Portugal

PEACEMAKER -- Feast Day July 4th
1271 - 1336 Named for her great-aunt Elizabeth of Hungary. She was canonized in 1625. Poor Clares nun.

After a series of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the Portuguese people of the Azores Islands were struck with drought and famine. With little left, they gathered together to pray for help from the Holy Spirit. On Pentecost Sunday, there was a great rising sun — in the distance, they saw a ship coming into port. It carried the
necessities of life they needed.

When Queen Isabel heard of God’s blessings on her people, she organized a solemn procession in honor of the Holy Spirit. She carried her Crown through the streets of Lisbon to the cathedral, where she left it on the altar as an offering of thanksgiving. Since then, many Portuguese churches display replicas of her crown in remembrance of her goodness and God’s grace. Queen Isabel said it best herself, "God made me queen so that I may serve others."

Queen Isabel’s husband, King Dinis, wrote about her in one of his poems: “…Had God desired to ordain it so, you would have made a great king.” After his death, she became a nun.


Santa Isabel de Portugal
20 X 24
acrylic on canvas




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