Saint Francis

Our beloved Saint Francis of Assisi heard the voice of God say, "Francis, rebuild my church." In his naivety, Francis thought it meant that he was being called to rebuild the church that had been badly damaged by war --- the church in which he was praying at the San Damiano Cross. However, later Francis realized that God was calling him to help fix the Church, the Church that Christ had died for some 1200 years prior.

In 1225 Saint Francis wrote the words of the very famous and favorite hymn, All Ceatures of Our God and King. Learn more.

In this painting I see Francis hearing his call, and saying, "Me?"

I believe we are all being called to do what we can to spread the joy of Christ's resurrection. Thank you Saint Francis for your example of loving all God's creation.

Feast Day: October 3rd

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"I have been all things unholy.
If God can work through me.
He can work through anyone."

Saint Francis of Assisi

The Calling of Saint Francis

20 X 24
acrylic on canvas




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