St. Dominic

Saint Dominic (1170 - 1221) the founder of the Dominican Order of Friars over 800 hundred years ago, in 1216. Also known as the Order of Preachers.

Saint Dominic is often depicted with a dog holding a torch next to an orb. This is because while pregnant with Dominic, his mother, Blessed Joan of Aza had a dream that a black and white dog leaped from her womb with a burning torch in its mouth. She came to understand that the dream was a foretelling of the birth of her son, Dominic and his order. The Dominicans are known as the dogs of the Lord, in Latin, Domini canes, who wear black and white habits while spreading the light of Christ throughout the world.

Also, there is often a star above his head because on the day of his baptism his godmother had a vision of a brilliant star gleaming from his forehead.

Note also the Dominican cross. It is a Gyronny Cross because of the way it meets in the middle to create a gyron, like a gyroscope. The ends of the cross are from the flor de lis.

Check out this informative video about Saint Dominic. And this beautiful 17-page travel guide, The Path of Saint Dominic.

His feast day: August 8th

Saint Dominic de Guzman
24 X 48
acrylic on canvas



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