Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia
Patron Saint of Musicians

20 X 24
acrylic on canvas


Saint Cecilia: Born in 2nd Century Rome, martyred at a young age for her belief in Christ and for converting many to Christianity. She is one of the Saints mentioned in the Mass.

Her wedding... even though she had committed herself to God and did not want to marry, her parents arranged a marriage for her. Yet at the wedding she sat apart from everyone and sang praise to God.
Her story

Images: Saint Cecilia is most often depicted with an instrument, such as an organ. I pictured her playing a lyre on her wedding day.

My inspiration: Her total dedication to the Lord. Her love of music and the importance of music in the liturgy --- and the importance of music to me.

Video about Saint Cecilia.

Feast Day: November 22

Patron Saint of Musicians

Venerated in the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican churches.

I Sing a Song of the Saints of God

For All the Saints



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