St. Bartholomew

Saint Bartholomew the Apostle

One of Jesus' Twelve Apostles. Scholars think Saint Bartholomew may have been the same person as Nathaniel and he was associated with the Apostle Philip. After the Ascension of Christ, St. Bartholomew traveled to Armenia, India and other regions of the middle east to preach the word of God. In the end He was "flayed" or skinned alive and then beheaded. Martyred for his faith and his teaching of the Gospel.


Michelangelo painted Saint Bartholomew in the Sistine Chapel holding his skin. There's a sculpture in the cathedral in Milan of Saint Bartholomew without skin, showing his muscle structure. In an icon by Matteo di Giovanni, Saint Bartholomew is painted red from the neck down.

It is customary that a martyr is depicted with his or her execution method. Consequently, dear Saint Bartholomew is often holding a knife.


Feast day: August 24 in the Western Church
June 11 in the Eastern Church



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Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
15 X 30
acrylic on canvas




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